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will defend its national interest and also house its own red lines. this is the ghost city market among children who. residents of eastern ukraine are stunned by recent military action in which a hundred civilians have been killed or injured in the last week alone a family of three died in the latest bombardment. also in the week's top story is russia succeeds in its effort to bring relief to the suffering population as tons of aid are delivered to live with a convoy returning to russia. calls for justice over the killing of an unarmed black teenager again an iron fist the response from police in the us with britain asterism journalists feeling the wrath of security forces. johnson what's the reason for ordering the press out what's the
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real border not about the right of breakout the president to try to take out i don't really want to. an american journalist as beheaded by the islamic state allegedly by a british executioner we'll look at how the jihadist movement is managing to find willing recruits in the west. it is two pm in moscow you're watching us here national with me marina joshie welcome to the program. a family of three have been killed in shelling of residential areas in the ukrainian city of donetsk this as the army made another attempt to rid the city of anti-government fighters a mother father and their eleven year old daughter were running to shelter when the bombing began
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a rocket landed next to them on the street some forty people have been killed in demands this week as shells hit apartment buildings hospitals and churches while asleep here has more you will be going to have been massive multiple attacks in neighborhoods and residential areas here in donates overnight saturday that was almost a continuous stream of shelling so much so that i and other colleagues here is what is local people i know would constantly missing each other to make sure that we were ok the local press here is reporting that the ukrainian army has received an order to clear the city of local militia by independence day which is today now also receiving reports that in the past twenty four hour was the anti-government fight has had for ten against the advancing ukrainian military and they've managed to isolate two units of the ukrainian army this comes as the ukrainian army evonne says on donates we do know that they are trying to compete encircled the city so to me the situation is escalating almost by the minute. now and neighboring has also
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suffered in town shelling and numerous casualties this week locals there say no place is safe with bombs landing on residential areas every day are just maria financial reports from the embattled city. the devastation of we worried shelling we were here last fall days ago and we've returned to find lugansk there in the scars of sustained attack kiev is calling this a full on assault the final stage of its military operation and the fact it's having the locals is all too clear every day residential areas of the city of the gonski being targeted fortunately when this five story apartment building was hit no word was heard by the time had happened almost all the residents have already fled minutes later we come across two of the handful of people still living here and they're clearly terrified.
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that. many of those still here high the elderly hold to seek to leave home again like elenor they're forced to take shelter in their basements when the shelling begins they tell us the good you look out at me mohammad got children look at the last media. i don't know what that will eventually. bodies biological i have the home it across the globe then your point of. view of clear flow to. the noble being yelled at oh but i hung in the boat but it really angered her i was there although this is the scene in lugansk central market it was hit on monday but the smell of burning still hangs heavy on the air and the steam in the line of fire
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this is a ghost city market and mon cher she moved here group. who rushed to the nearest bomb shelter and other basement. candles can still be found in the shops and they've become crucial in a city without electricity. who just about to start to have another piece of her. show just minutes away from us the near constant bombardment is taken its toll on the locals who were. there at the river. the tory tells us she has little choice but to state what you knew. only a couple. another general bloom. thousands of refugees have pulled out of the guns to escape the recent shelling and even if the stones out to be the final assault on the city as the government in
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kiev claims the effects of the sustained fighting will be felt by civilians here for many years to come. in lugansk ukraine. now after weeks deprived of food and water a russian humanitarian aid convoy finally reached desperate ukrainians who lined up to get basic essentials the aid convoy is now back in russia after unloading tons of food medicine and water in less than twenty four hours two hundred eighty trucks made their way through war torn eastern ukraine after being stalled at the border for over a week ok if was reluctance to let the columns through citing a lack of proper checks and documentation the international red cross said it was disappointed with a delay when a was needed so much. the i.c.r.c. regrets that customs inspector inspections as agreed to between the russian for the
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ration and ukrainian authorities where delayed by the ukrainian authorities there were any german situation there is dire. we phoned the city with old water. we don't electricity without supplies. and cut off from the rest of the world and we said damages to essentials infrastructure. despite a momentary admission in the west quickly suggested the column was a russian invasion and they styria was found by the headlines like these comparing the convoy to a trojan horse or artillery units we asked political analyst no voice in mileage and investigative journalist neil clark about the accusations. the hypocrisy here is really off the scale isn't it because it seems ok for the western powers to bomb sovereign states for humanitarian reasons but it's not ok for russia to say did
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a humanitarian aid convoy if russia did invade ukraine we know what about to the way the ukraine is will allow these convoys pretty clear they're going to find any excuse to stop it from going through that as they were doing this people are being killed and dying in the east of ukraine and that really is outrageous the double standards here this is the pinnacle of hypocrisy there is clear that there is no invasion it's clear that the convoy is purely humanitarian and it's clear that the arrival of the convoy has a point to underscore to the rest of the world that there is no invasion that the only people suffering here are the peaceful people in eastern ukraine that their own government is trying to murder and that's a problem and so they need to divert attention from this to some sort of hypocritical talk of russian invasion doubt there would be a european aid coming into that region for them people in donetsk and lugansk there's subhumans they're like the prime minister yes they're not considering these
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people people they're considering them rebels aggressors russians whatever so they're not going to help them even though by their own rhetoric and by their own values they should but i don't expect that to happen at all but it's not only ukraine's east as been left to deal with the consequences of the finding this is a western ukrainian city of new vaults where eleven soldiers were buried on tuesday they died in action in the country's east family and friends gathered to pay their last respects while the coffins were carried to the sound of the national anthem. they don't national record has joined the search for injury stand in a russian photojournalist who disappeared in ukraine almost three weeks ago despite international outcry his whereabouts remain unknown and kiev insists there's no information the un the e.u. various rights groups and journalists around the globe are all demanding kiev secure his release the thirty three year old stand and has worked for many international news organizations such as reuters and the associated press his
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mother hopes to see him soon. good to see most of them in the done did you come up with your feel could actually put our so-called do you know saddam was good mom was a police goals are scored again was dumb what would you have to push to get to get all this the most too miserable to deal with it to me also because of a market for the ratio is it to be. introduced to. a few to. several thousand people have gathered in new york to protest against police violence in the u.s. . they also join calls for just as over the killing of an armed teenager michael brown in the town of ferguson demonstrators accuse the police of being criminals after a heavy handed response to peaceful protests are just very important i reports on
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how brown's killing is caused public uproar in america. unrest driven by anger over michael brown's death carried on for a second week demonstrators on the streets of ferguson once again met with tear gas rubber bullets and flash grenades freedom of the press was also under threat as artie's own correspondent was engulfed in a cloud of tear gas right now you can see behind me look they're firing this is either tear gas all are small cannons that have also been used throughout these nights oh hour wait let's go let's go. guys here gets right to the states if i can say oh my god other reporters faced death threats from police. up there. in the sea louis city the first amendment was confined to a media pan and at least six journalist were arrested for attempting to do their job kevin johnson what's the reason for ordering the press out what's
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a real border guard about throwing a break out your president to take out iran's leader take your bar where are all the revival beyond that i don't want. you i don't care to question i just asked the question that's right the way life totals was so a killing in a walking with very little saw those were all of those photos and but the officer in charge decided that circles were not big enough he decided that he got her health the real brought to radio roughly two hundred ten people have reportedly been arrested since the august. and protest began including nineteen year old holocaust survivor hedy epstein police has and tried to incite the people in ferguson are the people that come to the demonstrations. so if they become more violent then the police will become even more violent that will be their excuse criticism surrounding heavy handed police tactics deepened wednesday when
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a few miles from ferguson another black man who allegedly shoplifted from a store was shot dead by white police officers made powell was brandishing a knife but instead of using a taser or other nonfatal methods cops fired nine shots into the twenty five year old the militarization of america's law enforcement has made front page news around the world critics say arming local cops with war weapons fuels a more aggressive type of policing that lacks accountability america has a lot of issues it has a lot of problems it goes around the world preaching morality but the ugly images of america's military police and beating people in the streets and riot. troops and soldiers in the military on its own citizens has woken the world up that america speaks with. by the end of the week police clashes and protests decreased significantly as temperatures in ferguson have around thirty seven degrees celsius
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meanwhile the st louis grand jury has already begun hearing evidence to determine if ferguson officer darren wilson should be charged with the death of michael brown a decision is expected in october but the makeup of the jury may good night a wave of backlash to see nine white people and only three black people were chosen as jurors the on even representation may spark a new feeling of injustice causing the public to accuse the process of being bias. r.t. ferguson how the police and ferguson have benefited with some have a duty to. military equipment let's take a look now well first of all they have gas masks and tear gas and they've also got military grade weapons bulletproof vests and stun grenades and that's not including additional handguns finally they're backed with heavy armored vehicles fitted for crowd control or just spoke to one of the protesters who felt the wrath of security forces. the police came out and arrested us including coming into the crowd
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and dragging myself and another person out and then captain ron johnson pointed at the two of us and said these two get heavier charges not just failure to disperse there is great worry about people here continuing to stand up and demand justice and that's why the police rules and regulations are changed right now people can't stand in congregate anywhere they have to keep moving in the protest area and if they are not walking fast enough in the protest there either they get threatened with arrest people who go up the cops and go fans out don't to get accused of rowdy provocative behavior and in some cases arrest and that reflects fear not only on the part of the local authorities but of the part of the whole system of people being subjected to this abuse which is a nationwide thing it's not just here in ferguson and they are afraid that the defiant spirit of the youth in ferguson could infect people all across the u.s.
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now some mainstream media have been accused of launching a smear campaign against michael brown hundreds of protesters swarmed the have quarters of c.n.n. in atlanta demonstrators saying the channel has focused on the slain teen's past actions in an effort to incriminate him independent media editor daniel shafter told r.t. the way the us media are covering such cases is just another indication of the racial profiling of american society. for one thing a lot of the media people are why they don't know much about what's happening in the black community they tend to buy into a lot of the stereotypes where they don't really have good sources and on the other side a community doesn't have the same level of organization and leadership to challenge that you know when some white defendant you know commits a crime that's a tendency to say we're really such a good boy we can on the stand how this could have happened but when a young black man. and is in the same situation in
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a community where you know young black people are being criminalized and march numbers this is the act of sympathy in america of empathy a lack of compassion a lack of understanding this is a story of how the poor in a way are also being demonized and made invisible in our society it's much deeper than just racial in its outcome you know it may look racial but it's also economic and often that's what's not being covered in any real way. them a stranger's clashed with police in sweden on saturday one and i fascist activists to tampa to block a rival rally at least ten people were taken to hospital some with serious injuries
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when violence broke out in the city of mama police horses trampled several protesters while one was hit by a van nine people were asking around fifteen hundred activists gathered to disrupt the speech by the leader on this made us neo nazi party tension mounted when firecrackers and smoke bombs were thrown and rest comes ahead of the country's parliamentary vote. russia's embargo of european products isn't seen as a peachy idea in the e.u. with farmers worried about russia's new food embargo in response to western sanctions this and more after the break. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria but we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian
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opposition we will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists. and west introduced sanctions against russia and obviously russia retaliated and based. confrontational rather it goes on and on what do you think about sanctions that is another way of solving economy and business hostage to politics is russia did invade east ukraine i mean that i don't think is the way still russia would trade lives and. there's no easy rise to wrong but i definitely think something is better than complete.
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welcome back this is r.t. international this week the beheading of an american journalist by islamic state militants horrified the world before being executed he was forced to denounce his country's recent airstrikes on islamic state finders the jihad is also threatened to kill another captured u.s. journalist if america continues. it's operation the shock of the killing it was compounded by the discovery that the executioner was from britain u.k. media citing security sources say the was a wealthy man and used to live in the mansion in the u.k. is just one of the manny e.u. citizens to join the extremist some influenced by the islamist p.r. campaign argues ganesh reports the hardest of these law makes state use all the west can offer to spread their message and not to hollywood in this hour long film
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featuring slow motion explosions you walk a soldier's digging their own graves and a catchy title the claiming of the source for. these lawmakers state has flooded social media with videos of their sadistic and they were when they stormed more sure many iraqi soldiers fled their posts apparently aware of what their fate would be if they were captured while on duty. the islamic state has launched a sophisticated social media application which allows them to use their followers accounts to send out centrally written updates thousands of already downloaded the sample occasion released simultaneously their messages swamp social media it gives isis a far larger online reach than their own accounts would otherwise allow not only images of beheadings that militants distribute through social media but also skillfully edited promo videos showing their soft side in this one jihad is star
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handing out ice cream to kids another video shows an islamic state militant visiting his fellow fighters in hospital with an encouraging message kids. of the best medium for them to me it's all the living the usual in few years these people are able to carry arms and they will be voted he. will be implemented with this violence. to. their goal i see. this is also working to recruit young people all over the world bragging about their advances leaflets like these are spread through social media sometimes their call for martyrdom comes with a nod to popular video games like call of duty some of the images look like postcards with his story gear appeals sites in the background jihadi sympathizers or even calling for people to join the islamic state on the streets of london or using the west. in terms of advertisement very well islamic state fighters
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post photos of their day to day life on social media my first time writes one british jihadi underneath a facebook photograph of his bloody tent apparently after killing someone first of many writes a friend after images with severed heads some post pictures of their cats state is even promoting a hipster variation of a jihadi this is a law school graduate from cairo who before joining the isis was apparently preoccupied with his body having posted a series of photos in a gym their recruitment propaganda targets young people those who use modern gadgets who play video games and watch hollywood movies and those who are perhaps going through an identity crisis of some sort in this self promotion the islamic state has gone farther than any other jihad is group in washington i'm going to check on r.t. and islamic state is considered a primaries thread by the u.s. and apparently dangerous enough for washington to join sides with former anime's
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according to media reports america has been giving intelligence to syria bob dylan cation of islamic state militants that are operating in a war torn country and that's despite the west publicly dismissing the possibility of joining forces with damascus political analyst mark macaulay thinks eventually the west will have to talk to syria's president assad. iraq is one game. and should. later they'll have to take on the us in syria so therefore what is there and do do they actually unite with assad a gauge the us in syria or do they fight against assad and the i.o.c. and syria sooner or later they'll have to come to some agreement because assad is really on their side he's opposed to islamic state. america is opposed to islamic state brittany's posed with the state so therefore it seems sooner or later they'll
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be some kind of agreement that assad is in fact not or anyway it's our he's our friend because the enemy of our enemy is our friend. now the threat of islamic state is spreading far beyond europe and the middle east indonesian police have been put on alert after world's largest buddhist temple after a threat made by jihad is all the details are in our website r.t. dot com. and on our team dot com our website we've got the best pictures from a color run in sweden where participants were show with bright showers with dry powder throughout the race. and russia's block on importing most european foods in response to western sanctions triggered anger across the e.u. . in spain farmers tipped out crepes first burned e.u.
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flags producers they are bracing for a sharp drop in prices due to the recently imposed russian embargo trade unions say this will also mean significant job losses and all these concerns are shared by farmers not only in spain and i should enjoy i think well it seems to the sanctions people are very pessimistic now nobody explains to farmers what's happening they don't know what the future will hold right now we have no other market to send produce to apart from the russian one i really disagree with the use decision to impose these sanctions on russia it was a big mistake because we never had any problems with russia. listen we're broke we've come to a dead end nobody cares about us except gold nobody cares how much money we need how are we going to survive. now the e.u. is planning to cushion the blow with up to one hundred twenty five million euro in compensation to producers the numbers however show this is only a drop in the ocean as the cost of the worst hit nation is expected to be up to
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nine times that on offer and. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world. and israeli airstrike has leveled a twelve story apartment building in gaza no casualties have been reported as civilians were warned prior to the strike the attack comes in response to continuing rocket and mortar fire from gaza egyptian officials are calling for a truce but israel refuses any dialogue and till hamas stops firing rockets. the aviation industry has been put on red alert over and assign the volcano which is expected to spew large amounts of ash parts of the country's airspace has been closed although the nation's airports are currently operating as normal seismic activity also increased with two earthquakes reported on sunday and two thousand
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and ten the eruption of another volcano in iceland caused huge disruptions to european flights and made life hard for us news presenters who got their tongues in a twist trying to pronounce the volcano's name. cal. i asked a young. age if i could do all a just a cool game i want to meet that look at. her dog. you're good bill well coming up after the break here international boyko he looks at how the geopolitical tit for tat between russia and the west is affecting european business. trust me i like video games you could tell from my physique but they like all media
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can distort reality in the minds of kids and one swedish journalist in something very unusual to step his kids back into the real world journalist carl magnus held in sun seemed almost addicted to the legendary military first person shooter game call of duty so since they like killing people online with guns he decided to take them to the gaza strip to show them what war is all about mr helder it brought his boys to a refugee camp where they could see injured kids just like themselves getting their wounds to stop they got to see all the blood and tears apparently this in your face method of parenting works and his children have stopped their online war this strategy might sound a little extreme and we're all very expensive i can't afford to fly my family to israel to prove a point but sometimes we all the to be smacked in the face with reality as a man there's something attractive about roman conquests our ranks of musket fire and a pulley on a conflict those images are nice but the reality is blood and death and if more kids could have the same experience as a healthy family well we may.


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